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Things & Stuff is a quirky, zero-budget sketch comedy series released exclusively online.

The show began in 2008 with a small ensemble cast of Leigh-Anne Homer, Jordan Reeves, Alistair Reynolds and Robyn Reynolds.

The first season introduced two of the show's longest-serving characters, Peter Morenster and Roy Pith. It also launched one of the show's most popular series of sketches—Would You Like to Buy Some Pineapples?

Returning in 2009 with its second series, the show introduced a host of new characters, including the emotionally unstable Denise DeNephew, Peter's shooting victim-turned-girlfriend, Crystal Chandelier, and the odd couple that are roommates Andy Andrews and Mandy Mandela.

Jordan Reeves
Roy Pith and Peter Morenster

Leigh-Anne Homer left the series in 2010 and when the show returned later that year, Jess Dale joined the cast as the aloof therapist, Yvonne Yzårc.

Alongside comedy sketches, Things & Stuff features interviews with its castmembers on a variety of subjects. Each episodes takes a theme—from movies and television to politics and phobias—and the cast tell us what they think.

This makes Things & Stuff not only a collection of funny characters, but also a medium for its cast to express their opinions on the world.

The series was created and directed by Brett Barnett, who also wrote various sketches. Many of the sketches were improvised by the cast, who also serve as producers to the series.

Inquiries about the show can be directed to and the crew can be reached through the show's official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Oh, and would you like to buy some pineapples?

Peter Morenster

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