Handwritten Harry Potter Prequel Stolen

By Brett Barnett · Last Updated 3 years ago

J.K. Rowling

West Midlands Police have appealed for information about a theft that took place between April 13th and April 24th in which three safes were stolen, containing not only highly valuable jewelry, but a rather unique item.

The A5 postcard contains a two-page prequel to the Harry Potter series, penned by author J.K. Rowling in her own hand. Originally auctioned to raise money for charity, the story sold for £25,000.

Its whereabouts are currently unknown.

Rowling has reached out to her fans on Twitter regarding the theft. “PLEASE DON’T BUY THIS IF YOU’RE OFFERED IT,” she wrote. “Originally auctioned for @englishpen, the owner supported writers’ freedoms by bidding for it.”

The owner, known only by his first name, HIra, was away on business when the burglary took place.

“I had a phone call from my sister and that was it. I knew the safes had been taken.”

But Hira’s main concern is not that the theives will try to sell the work for profit.

“The real worry is that the theives won’t realize what it is. I’m scared they won’t realise what the card is, focus on the jewellery, and throw it away.”

It is estimated that the postcard is currently worth £60,000.