Apple Reveals watchOS 4 at WWDC

By Brett Barnett · Last Updated 3 years ago

The Apple Watch

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference began today a comical video that highlights just how important Apple's software has become. In the video, a new employee at Apple pulls the wrong plug, accidentally deleting the world's apps, and plunging the planet into complete chaos.

"I'm glad that can't really happen," CEO Tim Cook laughed as he entered the stage to applause.

Cook wasted no time in jumping right to the big announcements, dispensing with his usual company updates.

A new "Siri watch face" for the Apple Watch was among the early announcements. Designed to be dynamic, the Siri watch face will constantly update to show the user the information they need to see at any given time.

Alongside the Siri watch face, Apple also added Toy Story's Woody, Buzz and Jessie watch faces, joining the company's popular Mickey and Minnie Mouse watch faces.

Smaller updates include new animations when you complete your daily activity rings and a slightly redesigned workouts app. A new dock allows the user to easily scroll through their recently used apps with the Digital Crown.

Apple also announced that Amazon Prime Video will finally be coming to the Apple TV.