Apple Introduces iOS 11

By Brett Barnett · Last Updated 3 years ago

Apple has announced a new version of their iOS operating system at this year's WWDC.

Apple has announced the latest version of their popular iOS operating system. Unsurprisingly, the company has introduced a range of huge changes in iOS 11.

First up, Apple announced new features for its messaging app. Messages in the cloud will allow iMessage to remain in sync across each and every device while taking up less storage space, allowing for quicker backups. Deleting a message on one device will delete it on all devices, and when logging into a new device, all of your messages will instantly appear. An update to Apple pay allows user-to-user payments, meaning you can loan a friend £5 (and, later, settle that debt) right in Messages with Apple Pay.

The camera app sees improvements to performance and compression, but iOS 11 also introduces several new features. A range of built-in effects can now be applied to videos, including a looping effect and a boomerang effect. And now, you will be able to scrub through your live photos and select a new frame as the key photo—just in case you mistime your pictures.

Visual changes to Control Center and a unified Notification Center and lock screen will be welcomed by some, and seen as unnecessary and over-complicated by others.

A new mode known as "Do Not Disturb While Driving" strives to make the roads safer. When activated, your phone will automatically detect when you are behind the wheel and you will not receive notifications. If someone tries to message you, they'll receive a reply to let them know that you are driving and can't yet respond. They will have an option, though, to bypass this system if it's urgent and they need to get in contact with you immediately.

The Music app will now be more social, with a section allowing you to see what your friends have been listening to (if they choose to share it.) Perhaps more importantly, Apple's new MusicKit will open Apple Music to developers, allowing them to integrate it into their apps, which is likely to bring many new music features to third party apps.

A major redesign of the App Store will bring the app more inline with the look of others like Music and News. A new "Today" tab will aim to introduce users to new apps, with a focus on discovery. A "games" tabe will make it easier to find games and will feature in app purchases for the first time. Other apps will be under an "Apps" tab. Videos of gameplay and articles highlighting features and sharing tips for apps will help users find apps and games they might love.

New iPad features include an improved dock with more apps, predictive app suggestions, and drag-and-drop functionality for launching apps in multitasking mode. The dock can now be accessed from any screen, rather than having to return to the homescreen.