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A bittersweet comedy following the loves, losses and ludicrous adventures of Florence, Fred and friends as they face death and danger with friends at their sides and tea in their hands.
Alex Abernathy
Season Four
George is back and causing havoc once again. But with secrets being unearthed and relationships crumbling, Florence may have more to worry about in the fourth season of Shadazzle.

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Florence Flagglebush
Season Four (8/8)
Maud is left reeling by Tess’s revelation.
12 minutes
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Florence Flagglebush
Season Five
Teaser #3
The end is nigh in Shadazzle’s final season.
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Florence Flagglebush
Shadazzle in 2015
2015 is a good year to be a Shadazzle fan. The show will be returning later in the year for a fifth—and final—season of eight dramatic episodes. Following Alex's brutal murder, Florence is hungry for answers, and we hope you'll join us as we watch her hunt them down.

And, to celebrate the show's conclusion after forty quirky and gripping episodes, we've got a range of extra content heading your way over the coming months.

Starting with February, we invite you to rewatch the show with us as we turn back the clock and revist Shadazzle's first four seasons and relive the adventures so far.

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Florence Flagglebush
Shadazzle 2: Original Soundtrack
It might have been a while since the heartbreaking ending of Shadazzle's second season, but it's never too late to relive it, and you can do just that with Shadazzle 2: Original Soundtrack.

The twelve-track album is available to download now. You can view the tracklisting here:...

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The Wedding
Relive Florence and Fred’s magical day in this brand new gallery.
Alex's Best Bits
Celebrate the short life of Alex Abernathy with a look back at her best bits from the show.

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