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Alex Abernathy
Alex has been best friends with Florence for a significant chunk of their lives, but their friendship has always been strained for one reason or another. Despite Florence's engagement to Fred, Alex has always harboured a secret crush, one that she has shared with no one but Jemima.

Despite Florence's irresponsible coping mechanisms following Fred's accident, Alex stuck by her side, through the anger and the alchol, the drugs and the tantrums. Eventually, though, it proved too much and, following advice from William Shakespeare, Alex left Florence for good.

It wasn't that simple, however, and Alex found herself unable to stay away. Thankfully, Florence managed to pull herself together and, with help from Alex, came to terms with her grief and began a new, sober life.

Constantly entangling herself in other people's drama, Alex soon found a new focus when she learned of Jemima's impending deportation. Filled with determination, Alex set out to find a husband for Jemima in order to secure her a British citizenship. Eventually, she managed this, Jemima tying the knot with Robert.

Alex finally moved past her feelings for Florence when she developed a new relationship with the mysterious Billy. The friendship, however, was more strained than ever as Florence refused to accept the sinister Billy, convinced that there was something unsavoury about him.

Unfortunately for Alex, Florence was right, and Alex soon met her fate at Billy's hands.

First Appearance: Jemima
Last Appearance: Alex
Funny Moment: "But he said he didn't care for parrots, anyway."
Portrayed by: Leigh-Anne Homer

Alex's Best Episodes
Jemima and Alex Abernathy
1.03: Alex
Alex confides in Jemima about her inappropriate crush and Jemima tries her best to help. But Alex will soon discover that she isn’t the only one with a secret, and she may not know Florence as well as she thought.
Alex Abernathy and Jemima
2.05: Alex
Maud has left and Alex is the only one left in Florence’s life. But Florence is uncommunicative and unappreciative and Alex just can’t take it anymore. She faces a harsh truth when she realizes that she may have to let Florence go for good.
Jemima and Alex Abernathy
3.05: Alex
Alex makes it her personal mission to secure Jemima a British citizenship, but she soon realizes that marriage is the only option. Filled with determination, she heads to Bug Falls to track down an old friend…
4.06: Alex
Tess seeks advice from Alex about her recent discovery. Billy tells Alex that he doesn’t think Florence likes him very much, and when Alex confronts her, she learns that he is right and an argument ensues.
Alex Abernathy
Alex Abernathy
Alex's Best Bits
Celebrate the short life of Alex Abernathy with a look back at her best bits from the show.


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