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Florence Flagglebush
Florence only ever wanted a quiet, happy life with her soon-to-be husband, Fred. Sadly, this wasn't to be. With their finances growing more strained day by day, Florence was forced into a dark double life when she took on a job as an exotic dancer at a local club, Exotica.

Soon she became the object of affection of Trevor, a customer at Exotica with a less-than-savoury past with women. Eventually, wrapped up in his delusional fantasy of Florence, Trevor crashed the wedding, ultimately shooting Fred before committing suicide.

Six months later, with Fred in a coma, Florence fell into a deep depression and turned to alcohol and drugs, driving away her closest friends and family. Fortunately, they couldn't stay away for good, and with their help, Florence sobered up and faced her demons.

Things soon became complicated once again when her sister, Maud, began dating Florence's ex-boyfriend, Jerry. Old feelings soon stirred and Florence found herself caught in a tangled love triangle that ended explosively in a brutal fight between the two sisters. After a long period of silence and glaring, the two finally made up and put Jerry behind them both.

Having been best friends with Alex since they were in school together, Florence should have been thrilled to meet her new boyfriend, Billy, but Florence took an instant disliking to him, sensing something sinister about him.

When she told this to Alex, the two fought, and Alex launched a vicious verbal attack on Florence in what would be their final conversation—unfortunately for Alex, Florence was right, and she met her demise at Billy's hands.

First Appearance: Jemima
Portrayed by: Helen Hall

Florence's Best Episodes
Trevor Shaw and Florence Flagglebush
1.08: Florence
The day of the wedding has finally arrived and Florence is determined to make it the happiest day of her life. Trevor, however, has other ideas, and turns up after the ceremony to finish his feud with Florence once and for all.
Alex Abernathy and Florence Flagglebush
2.01: Dazzle
It’s been six months since the wedding and Florence’s life has taken a dark turn as she drives away those closest to her and turns to alcohol to numb the pain.
Alex Abernathy
2.07: Florence
As Christmas approaches, the residents of Spittlegum reflect back on happier times. Florence, meanwhile, is ready to spend the holidays alone—but there’s a big surprise in store for her.
Florence Flagglebush
3.02: Florence
Maud is shocked to discover the state of Florence’s finances, but Maud is hiding a secret of her own and Florence is in for a big surprise.
Florence Flagglebush
4.08: Florence
Maud is left reeling by Tess’s revelation. Robert packs up and heads off on a hiking trip. Maud attempts to talk to Florence, but Florence is too wrapped up in her own suspicions to listen.
Florence Flagglebush and Fred Flagglebush
Florence & Fred
Celebrate Florence and Fred’s anniversary with a peek into their photo collection.


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