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George Flagglebush
Loud and heavily-accented troublemaker George Flagglebush is the polar opposite of prim and proper twin brother, Fred. Despite his habit of visiting only when he's short of cash, George became a friend to Florence when she confided in him about her double life and her financial problems.

After Florence and Fred's wedding ended in disaster, George called in for a visit and was shocked by the dark turn that Florence's life had taken. He quickly disappeared again, but not before imparting some good advice to Maud.

After a long absense from Spittlegum, George got himself into trouble again and, left with nowhere else to go, turned up on Florence's doorstep the night of Jemima's bachelorette party.

Florence was furious with herself—and with George—when the two found themselves in bed together, and Florence tried her best to keep him away from the guests at the reception so that no one would ever find out.

The plan worked (kind of) and Florence, despite her frustration, found herself unable to kick George to the streets. Reluctantly, she offered to let him stay—an offer he was more than happy to accept.

First Appearance: George
Funny Moment: "Bloomin' 'eck, I'm missin' Emmerdale."
Portrayed by: Brett Barnett

George's Best Episodes
1.06: George
Just as their lives are getting back on track and the wedding is on the horizon, Florence and Fred’s lives are turned upside down once more by the arrival of Fred’s twin brother and polar opposite, George.
2.02: George
George visits and is rendered quizzical at the state he finds Florence in. Alex, meanwhile, asks Maud to move in and help look after Florence, but Maud is hesitant. After a talk with George, she comes to a difficult decision.
4.01: George
Horrified at their actions of the previous night, Florence tries to hide George from the guests at Jemima and Robert’s wedding reception. Tom tries to speak to Maud about their own mistake, but Maud is determined to avoid the problem.
Tweets from the Wedding
In this day and age, there’s nothing that can keep a person off of Twitter and in true modern style, Tess, Jemima and George spent the majority of the wedding Tweeting. Here we present a selection of their best Tweets from the wedding.


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