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Not a great deal is known of Jemima's past or where she comes from outside of a brief pop career in Europe which ended in tears after a passionate affair with her record producer.

Jemima first arrived in Spittlegum in 2011 and set to work looking for a job. It wasn't long before Florence and Fred agreed—reluctantly—to take her on as a maid. Little did Florence and Fred know that Jemima intended to be a live-in maid.

Soon, Jemima became close friends with Florence, Fred, and their friends—particularly with Alex, who found in Jemima a great listener and a trustworthy confidant, and with Tess, who couldn't quite match Jemima on an intellectual level, but certainly tried.

Jemima's effect on Spittlegum became evident when the threat of deportation came knocking on her door and Alex rallied together all of her friends to hold a sham wedding between Robert Haleton and Jemima in order to secure her a British citizenship.

Now, Jemima happily continues to work as Florence's maid, and somehow manages to convince the world that she's doing a good job.

First Appearance: Jemima
Portrayed by: Catherine Wood

Jemima's Best Episodes
1.01: Jemima
With their upcoming wedding to plan, Florence and Fred decide to hire a maid. However, they end up with Jemima instead. Now, with money tighter than ever, Florence makes a decision that will change her life forever.
Jemima and Tess Collins
2.03: Jemima
Tess learns that Jemima has been earning money conducting séances, and insists that they hold one. It doesn’t seem to produce results—until Jemima is suddenly possessed by the spirit of William Shakespeare.
Maud Smith and Tom Collins
3.04: Jemima
Florence mistakenly trusts Jemima with the task of fixing the bathroom door and soon she finds herself locked in with Tess, while Maud finds herself stuck with Tom, and Alex finds herself trapped with Jemima.
4.05: Jemima
Robert is trying to raise some money for charity, so Tess and Jemima volunteer to help hold a yard sale. Jemima sets to work collecting unwanted items, and she soon uncovers something unexpected.
Tweets from the Wedding
In this day and age, there’s nothing that can keep a person off of Twitter and in true modern style, Tess, Jemima and George spent the majority of the wedding Tweeting. Here we present a selection of their best Tweets from the wedding.


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