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Robert Haleton
Everybody has their vices, but Robert's is more obvious than most. His friendship with Tess was constantly strained by his constant alcohol abuse, something that he seemed to see as a complete non-issue.

However, after Tess stopped speaking to him, Robert finally decided that it was time to do something about his problem, and checked into a rehab facility in Bug Falls. There, he finally got sober.

Over a year later, his happy new life was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Alex, who tried to lure Robert back to Spittlegum by guilting him about his sudden disappearance and its affect on Tess. Once he returned, however, he learned of Alex's real motive—to find someone to marry Jemima in order for her to gain British citizenship and avoid deportation.

Robert was initially horrified, but after realising that Tess was skeptical about his new life, he decided that there was only one way to prove to her that he was truly selfless. He agreed to marry Jemima.

First Appearance: Tess
Funny Moment: "I'm not drunk!" (Hiccups) "...That was a coincidence."
Portrayed by: Jordan Reeves

Robert's Best Episodes
Robert Haleton
1.05: Robert
After being hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, Robert is discharged and it’s not long before he’s back to his old habits. He continues to hide the truth from Tess, but it’s only a matter of time until she finds out.
Robert Haleton
3.06: Robert
Robert has returned to Spittlegum, but is still struggling to make amends, while Alex is still searching for a husband for Jemima. Meanwhile, Tess begins to suspect that Jerry is a vampire…
Florence Flagglebush and Robert Haleton
4.02: Robert
Robert confides in Florence after his recent relapse into alcohol abuse and, following her advice, sets out to change his life for the better. Roger, however, is skeptical about this new way of life.


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