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Tess Collins
Tess's life was surprisingly aimless until she landed a job with Florence and Fred, tending to handy work around the house and cleaning up the messes that Jemima created. It soon became evident, however, that Tess was just as incompetent as the reckless maid.

Having lost her mother to alcohol, Tess wasn't very tolerant of Robert Haleton's repeated alcohol abuse, and eventually cut off ties with him completely, an act which convinced Robert to finally check into rehab. When he left, he disappeared and, despite Tess's attempts to reconnect, he was nowhere to be found.

After a year in prison, Tess was released early, much to the outrage of her fellow citizens, and was soon in for a shock when her brother, Tom, turned up on her doorstep with the news that their father had died.

Tom had inherited a house from their father and so he and Tess moved in and set to work searching for a lodger to fill the empty room. They eventually found Jerry, whom Tess developed a slight crush on.

Soon Tess learned that she too would inherit something from her father—a lump sum of £46,000,000. After learning of Florence's inability to pay her mortgage and the danger that she could lose her home, Tess bought the house as a gift to Florence, and continues to work there as Florence's trusty handyman.

First Appearance: Tess
Funny Moment: "Green is a colour."
Portrayed by: Stacey Mackenzie

Tess's Best Episodes
Tess Collins
1.02: Tess
Florence and Fred decide to hire a handyman and Tess is thrilled to learn of her new job. She’ll soon find out, however, that there’s just as much drama in the Flagglebush household as there is in her own life.
Tess Collins
2.06: Tess
Over four years, Tess moves into a new apartment, gets a new phone and a new job and visits a sad and lonely Florence who desperately needs a friend, but has too much pride to ask for one.
Tess Collins
3.08: Tess
The day of Jemima’s wedding is fast approaching and Tess is beginning to stress out over the small details. But after the wild bachelor and bachelorette parties, will anyone actually show up to the wedding?
4.04: Tess
Tess decides to host a dinner party, but it doesn’t go to plan when her hand develops a mind of its own, arguments resurface between Florence and Maud, and tensions rise when Alex introduces her new boyfriend, Billy.
Tweets from the Wedding
In this day and age, there’s nothing that can keep a person off of Twitter and in true modern style, Tess, Jemima and George spent the majority of the wedding Tweeting. Here we present a selection of their best Tweets from the wedding.


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