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Tom Collins
After spending some time in the US while working at NASA, Tom returned to the UK to break the news to Tess that their father had died. Having inherited a house, the two of them move in and set to work finding a lodger to fill the empty room in their new home. They find Jerry.

Things became complicated, however, when Tom started to grow closer to Jerry's girlfriend, Maud, and on the night of Jemima's bachelorette party, the drunken duo found themselves in bed together.

After Jerry left town without so much as a goodbye, Tom and Maud were left to deal with the fallout of their actions alone.

First Appearance: Tom
Portrayed by: Hugh Hedley

Tom's Best Episodes
3.01: Tom
Tess returns to work after an extended absence, only for her brother to turn up on her doorstep with bad news. The silver lining, however, is a new place to live and, soon, a new housemate.
4.03: Tom
Tom faces a moral dilemma when he learns a secret about Florence and doesn’t know whether to tell Maud. Meanwhile, Maud confides in Jemima and shares a secret of her own. A fight breaks out in the Collins House.


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