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How It Could Have Started
By Brett Barnett · Last Updated JUNE 3RD, 2012

Shadazzle has come a long way in the past two years. Since its inception, it's been through several changes and alterations before finally becoming the Shadazzle you know and love. The most significant change was a drastic switch in format from twenty-two short episodes to eight seven-minute episodes. And such a great change demanded an entire rewrite of the show's first season.

While the final product has already hit your computer screens and is available to watch now, the original version of the show has been lost forever in the Shadazzle Archives. That is... Until now.

With the show on hiatus, any scrap of Shadazzle is a welcome relief, so while you wait for episode five to arrive, let's take a peek at some of the original shadazzle scripts and catch a glimpse of the show that could have been.

First of all, we have the very first appearances of Florence and Fred. In the original version of the show, that loveable maid Jemima worked for Tess, not for the Flagglebushes. That means, without Jemima's entrance to get in their way, their introductions were significantly shorter.

This is an excerpt from what would have been the very first episode of Shadazzle had the original version made it to screen. We then end the episode on a nice dramatic note with a delicious hint about Florence's double life. This scene was actually recorded and part of it can be seen in our first teaser.
Florence's secret was one of the earliest storylines created for the show and has survived all the way through to the final cut. Things played out slightly differently in the original version, though. Here, in an excerpt from episode three, Alex first begins to suspect that something fishy is going on...

The notable change here is Florence's confession. In Alex, Florence is determined to keep her secret and is none the wiser that Alex has figured it out. But in the original show, Florence was much more open and trusting of her best friend.

And so, in our original fourth episode, Florence revealed her greatest secret to the world. Well... To Alex, at least.

As the series progresses and tension builds, the moment finally came in the original show when Florence had no choice but to tell Fred the truth. With the weight off her shoulders, Florence felt much more relieved. But little does she suspect that Fred has a secret of his own...

This is the beginning of a storyline that was eventually scrapped, although the scene was resurrected and instead used in episode four with Florence being the victim of blackmail instead.

Another notable feature of this scene is the brief flashbacks. In the older version of the show, Alex and Florence's relationship had a little more backstory of a, uh, sexual nature. This idea was eventually scrapped, however, with Alex's crush on Florence becoming a one-way thing.

There you have it - a glimpse at Shadazzle before it was really Shadazzle. It's interesting to compare our earliest work on the show, which dates back to January 2010, to the final version that premiered in January 2012.

If nothing else, it provided scrap paper.

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