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Tweets from the Wedding
By Brett Barnett · Last Updated JUNE 4TH, 2012

March 28th, 2012 marked the day that everyone had been waiting for... The wedding of Frederick Charles Philip Flagglebush III and Florence Smith. Or, in real life terms, the first season finale of Shadazzle! What more could you want from life, really?

You may not have noticed, but, rather niftily, some of our bestest Shadazzle characters are right on Twitter! You can follow Jemima and Tess, and even Fred's polar-opposite brother, George!

All three were at the wedding, so of course, it made it into the twitterverse! Tess jumped right to the point, asking the question on everyone's lips: Where's the booze?

And while Tess inadvertantly started fuelling Jemima's alcoholism, she was still doing a much better job than George, who failed to turn up at all! You can't blame him, really, he's a busy man. Probably.


Of course, there wasn't time in a ten minute episode to show everything that happened at the wedding. Of course we'd miss out on some things.

And if it wasn't for the wonderful invention of Twitter, we'd never have learned about this little gem:

Of course, that wasn't the worst thing to happen to Fred that day...

What will happen in the aftermath of the wedding? Only time will tell...

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