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Shadazzle 4
By Brett Barnett · Last Updated July 31st, 2014

Season Four Trailer
With Jemima facing deportation, Alex and Tess organized a sham wedding between Jemima and Robert in order to secure her a British citizenship. But, as you'll remember, the bachelor and bachelorette parties didn't go entirely according to plan.

With Florence questioning her judgement, Robert back to his old habit, Tom and Maud caught in the middle of an increasingly complicated love triangle, and Alex stuck in the middle of nowhere, will anyone actually make it to the wedding?

Well, you won't have to wait long to find out.

Picking up where the third season left off, Shadazzle will return for a fiery fourth season in September 2014. The drama has just begun and across these eight new episodes, relationships will crumble and lives will change forever.

Returning castmembers are Helen Hall as Florence Flagglebush, Georgina Hall as Maud Smith, Hugh Hedley as Tom Collins, Leigh-Anne Homer as Alex Abernathy, Stacey Mackenzie as Tess Collins, Jordan Reeves as Robert Haleton and Catherine Wood as Jemima.

Returning to the series for the first time since the second season is Brett Barnett as George Flagglebush, and rounding off the cast is newcomer Ellis Marsh, who plays the mysterious and sinister Billy.

The fourth season is written by Brett Barnett and Stacey Mackenzie and is directed by Brett Barnett. Once again, the season is scored by Ostrich Bay.

4.01: George
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