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Shadazzle 5
By Brett Barnett · Last Updated July 31st, 2015
Season Five Trailer
After nearly four years, five seasons, and forty episodes, Shadazzle will come to its end in 2015 as the dramatic twists of the fourth season drive the show through its darkest season yet and towards its action-packed finale.

Alex is dead. The police have no leads and the case remains unsolved. Maud begins the search for her long-lost sister, while Jemima makes a decision about her future, and Tom is given an offer that he can't refuse.

Amid all this drama, Florence is focussed on one thing—finding Alex's killer. But just how far will she go to learn the truth? It's only a matter of time until the killer returns—but what does he want?

Shadazzle is a comedy-drama webseries created by Brett Barnett and Stacey Mackenzie, which began airing in 2012. It follows Florence, Fred and Friends as they face death and danger with friends at their sides and tea in their hands.

The fifth and final season sees the return of Helen Hall as Florence Flagglebush, alongside Brett Barnett as George Flagglebush, Georgina Hall as Maud Smith, Hugh Hedley as Tom Collins, Stacey Mackenzie as Tess Collins, Jordan Reeves as Robert Haleton, Catherine Wood as Jemima and Ellis Marsh as the mysterious Billy. Making her Shadazzle debut is newcomer Vicky Flynn as Lily Potts.

Once again, the final season will be written by Brett Barnett and Stacey Mackenzie, will be directed by Brett Barnett and will feature music by Ostrich Bay.

Shadazzle will return for its swan song on September 30th, and the season will run for eight episodes, concluding with the final ever episode in November 2015.

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