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Shadazzle in 2015
By Brett Barnett · Last Updated February 2nd, 2015
Season Four
2015 is a good year to be a Shadazzle fan. The show will be returning later in the year for a fifth—and final—season of eight dramatic episodes. Following Alex's brutal murder, Florence is hungry for answers, and we hope you'll join us as we watch her hunt them down.

And, to celebrate the show's conclusion after forty quirky and gripping episodes, we've got a range of extra content heading your way over the coming months.

Starting with February, we invite you to rewatch the show with us as we turn back the clock and revist Shadazzle's first four seasons and relive the adventures so far.

We'll be dedicating one month to celebrating each season, and each month you'll get some never-before-seen goodies, including bloopers and interviews with the cast and crew.

February - Season One
March - Season Two
April - Season Three
May - Season Four

But that's not all! You're in for some more new content over the summer, when we'll be releasing some new and previously unseen footage, including deleted scenes, extended scenes and alternate versions of scenes.

We'll be announcing more details on the fifth season in the coming months. Until then, there's plenty to keep your Shadazzle craving satisfied.

Season Three
Season Two
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