This happened.

Just when you thought recasting Michelle Fowler was the worst thing they could do with the character, we're given a brutally unceremonial mid-episode exit for one of the show's most iconic characters.

Absolutely no one wanted a new Michelle, but by the time John Yorke had wrangled the EastEnders reins out of Sean O'Connor's cold, dead hands, the damage had been done and, really, they should have doubled down and committed to making it work—or at least trying their best.

But in her brief 14-month stint on the square, Michelle has been criminally underused in one of the show's most frustrating acts of self-sabotage.

She's done little on the square but play the Ethel to Sharon's Lucy, being reduced to mere furniture within nine months of her re-introduction, before being shipped off to Australia for two months when the show needed to focus on actual characters.

How did you even get so much time off from your new job, Michelle?

This entire experiment has been a complete disservice to one of Walford's greats, and, more worryingly, is perhaps an indication of the way John Yorke is approaching the show now that he's at the helm: He's not interested in healing the wounds Sean O'Connor afflicted, he's just going to amputate.

Well, goodbye, Michelle. We'll try to remember you as you were.

Oh, and also, Vincent died or something? Idk.


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