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According to legend, a woman found out her husband had been cheating and decided to get creative with her revenge.

The husband had a detached garage away from the house where he kept all his tools, work benches, etc.

One night, the husband heads down to the garage to get some work done. His wife waits ten minutes, then slips on a sexy outfit and follows him. He is surprised to see her dressed like that and, unaware of her knowledge about his activities, he goes along with it.

She begins to tease and arouse him. Once he is undressed, she quickly grabs his penis, slips it into a vice and tightens it, then removes the hands and throws it across the room.

She starts screaming at her husband and confesses that she knows everything. The husband looks worried, and that only worsens when his wife moves across the garage and picks up a hacksaw.

Back across the garage, she continues shouting at him, waving the saw dangerously close to his genitals.

"You're not going to cut it off, are you?" the husband whimpers.

His wife picks up a canister and starts to pour gasoline around the garage. "No," she says, walking back across to him and handing him the hacksaw. She removes a box of matches from her pocket.

"You are. I'm setting the garage on fire."


Too Good to be True - The Colossal Book of Urban Legends
Jan Harold Brunvand

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