One christmas, a terrible snow storm envelops the city and two students are unable to make it home for the holidays, leaving them alone in their dorm - just the two of them. Luckily, they're not the only ones stuck in the whole city and one of the girls has snagged herself a date.

When the night of the date finally arrives, the girl is excitedly getting ready and waiting for her date to arrive. Finally, there's a knock at the door and the girls heads downstairs.

A few minutes later, the second girl hears a door slam shut, leaving her alone in the house all night.

Everything's fine at first and the girl is perfectly happy to loung around watching television by herself. Then, after finally retiring to bed, she begins to get the creeps as she hears a faint sound coming from her bedroom door.

She slows her breathing and listens carefully. She can clearly make out the sound of scratching on the other side of her bedroom door. Terrified, the girl curls up in bed, closes her eyes and waits for it to stop. What could possibly be scratching on the other side of the door, and why does it want to get in?

The noise doesn't stop. Eventually, the girl drifts into an uneasy sleep and when she next wakes up it's morning.

The noise has stopped.

The girl sighs in relief and considers the possibility that it was all just a dream. She gets up, heads for the door and pulls it open to make sure there's nothing on the other side, just to put her mind as ease.

But when she opens the door, she's instead confronted with the sight of her roommate, lying lifeless on the floor, her throat slit open and her fingernails bloody from scratching at the door all night in a desperate attempt to get help.


Too Good to be True - The Colossal Book of Urban Legends
Jan Harold Brunvand

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