The supposedly haunted Boy Scout Lane

Boy Scout Lane is a small rural street in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. According to local legend, the street gets its name from a tragedy that occurred there several decades ago.

The story goes that a group of boy scouts were camping in the trees nearby, and by the next morning, they had all disappeared without a trace.

Some say that the scout leader or the bus driver lost their minds and murdered the children one by one. Others say that it was a random, insane man who attacked and slaughtered all the boy scouts.

Another version of the story claims that the scouts dropped one of their lanterns and caused a small forest fire in which all of them perished.

Occasionally, retellings of this tale mention that two of the boys escaped and tried to find help, only to get lost and die of starvation in the woods.

The one thing that is always retold as fact is that all of the boys perished in the woods that night, and their bodies were never found.

ow it is said that the spirits of those children haunt Boy Scout Lane. Visitors to the street have reported hearing the noises of footsteps and the crunching of leaves and twigs, as if someone is creeping through the woods around them. Many people have reported the uneasy feeling that they are being watched as they walk down the street.

Occasionally, during the night time, people have been known to spot strange phantom lights moving through the trees and then vanishing into the shadows.

Could it be the light from the lanterns of the boy scouts as their tortured spirits wander the trees, looking for help?


A Natural History of Ghosts: 500 Years of Hunting for Proof
Roger Clarke

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