Room For One More

By Brett Barnett · Last Updated 8 years ago

"Even more clearly, she could see the driver of the hearse, a tall lanky figure in a pinstripe suit, whose aged, pallid face stared directly at her."
'There's room for one more,' he said in a sinister voice."

A young woman was visiting her aunt at the old manor house she lived in. It was a large, beautiful house with a long driveway leading to the door. The young woman's bedroom was at the front of the house, and her window overlooked this driveway.

On one cold, moonlit night during her journey, she was sleeping lightly and suddenly roused by the sound of wheels and hooves outside.

She wondered what on earth was going on outside. Dragging herself out of bed, she made her way across to the window and peered through the curtains to the driveway below her bedroom.

There on the driveway was an old victorian-era hearse, complete with two black horses at the front. Although she could only make out the basic silohuette of the horses, she could see the hearse clearly. Rather than a coffin, the hearse seemed to contain living people, almost a dozen of them squashed into the back of the vehicle.

The woman couldn't see any faces, just a mess of arms and legs filling the hearse.

Even more clearly, she could see the driver of the hearse, a tall lanky figure in a pinstripe suit, whose aged, pallid face stared directly at her.

She was frozen by fear. And then the man opened his mouth.

"There's room for one more," he said in a sinister voice, a voice which the woman heard clearly despite the window and the considerable distance between them.

The woman shuddered and pulled the curtains closed, stepping away from the window and shaking with nerves.

She waited ten minutes or so before finally conjuring up the courage to peek through the curtains once again. The hearse was gone.

Had she imagined it? Was she so tired that a realistic dream had fooled her completely?

She climbed back into bed and tried to forget what had happened, but that proved difficult. In time, however, the woman drifted back to sleep.

The next day, the woman refrained from mentioning the event to her aunt. She had come to the conclusion that it must have been a dream and tried to forget it.

Eventually, months passed and the dream slipped from her mind. Then, a few months later, the woman was shopping in a mall when she headed for the elevator.

She found it quite packed, with a dozen or so people squashed into the elevator. A man at the front stepped back slightly and said, "there's room for one more."

The woman's heart sank as the dream came rushing back to her and she instantly turned and hurried away from the elevator, incredibly creeped out.

She then heard a loud crashing and echoing screams somewhere in the distance. Later that day, she discovered that there had been an accident in the elevator. The elevator had dropped down the elevator shaft, plummeting several floors and killing several people, injuring even more.

The woman had a narrow escape that day by turning away from the elevator.