Ghost Children on the Railroad

By Brett Barnett · Last Updated 8 years ago

"They sat there, frozen by fear as the car slowly moved forward by itself."

Two friends made a stop during a car journey because they'd heard a local ghost story and wanted to check it out.

The story said that a school bus had stalled on the railway tracks and a train was travelling incredibly fast, allowing no time to evacuate the bus. All the children on board were killed.

The two friends found the exact place where the bus had stalled and parked their car right on the rail tracks. They turned off the engine and waited patiently for something spooky to happen.

Although they were excited about the prospect, neither of them had seriously expected anything ghostly to happen. They were therefore very surprised when the car suddenly began to move of it's own accord. They sat there, frozen by fear as the car slowly moved forward by itself.

Once the car was entirely off the rail tracks, it stopped. After a few minutes, the two friends gathered the courage to climb out of the car and investigate, but neither of them were prepared for what they were about to discover.

On the long drive they'd had, the car had acculumated a great amount of dust. And visible in this dust on the back of the car were two dozen sets of handprints, as if the car had simply been pushed off the tracks by human hands.

The handprints were all the size of children's hands.