Humans Can Lick Too

By Brett Barnett · Last Updated 8 years ago

Any dog owner will tell you that your dog is a very comforting presence. Especially when you're alone in the house. With a dog, you have security that there's someone there to protect you if, just if, something bad were to happen.

One such woman found the same comfort in her dog. While lying in bed, the dog would sleep on the floor beside her and when she heard a noise outside or anything that made her uneasy, she would slip her hand over the edge of the bed and her dog would lick it.

The woman would feel safe again, comforted by her dog's presence, and would be able to drift back into a peaceful sleep.

On the night in question, a strange sound woke the woman and, as always, she slipped her hand over the side of the bed and felt her dog's wet tongue against her hand.

She felt safe again.

The next morning, however, she awoke to find that the dog was nowhere to be found. This was unusual as he always stayed beside her bed from the moment she fell asleep to the moment she woke up.

She thought nothing of it and shrugged. He must've had an upset stomach and stayed by the pet door with a quick exit from the house, or maybe he'd heard something and gone to investigate.

The woman climbed out of bed and started her morning routine. When she entered the bathroom, however, her heart nearly stopped.

Hanging from the shower head with its throat slit open was her dog, it's blood pooled in the bottom of the shower.

Written on the walls of the shower in her own dog's blood were the chilling words:

"Humans can lick too."