Bunny Mishap

By Brett Barnett · Last Updated 8 years ago

Image by Salsolastock

A man was searching for a new home but had trouble finding a place because of his large dog. Eventually though, he found a nice house with a garden separated from the neighbour's garden only by a weak wooden fence.

After assuring the neighbours that the dog was perfectly friendly, which, of course, it was, the man moved and got settled in.

A few weeks later, he returned home after a late night at work and let the dog into the garden. Exhausted, he fell asleep on the couch without letting the dog back in and when he awoke the next morning, the dog came running up to the doorstep with a dead rabbit in his mouth.

The man panicked. The neighbours loved their rabbits and he had assured them that his dog was perfectly safe. He took the rabbit from the dog, rushed into the kitchen and, unsure what else to do, washed away the blood and dirt.

He sneaked to the neighbour's rabbit hutch without being seen and slipped the rabbit inside. Having gotten away with it, he sighed in relief. The neighbours would assume the rabbit had died of natural causes.

A few hours later, he heard a scream. He walked into the garden to find the neighbours gathered around the hutch.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "Has one of the rabbits died?"

"Yes," replied the neighbour. "But we buried him three weeks ago and now he's back in the hutch!"