Dance with the Devil

By Brett Barnett · Last Updated 7 years ago

A dance with the devil...

The 1950s in the american south was an incredibly conservative place and it's no wonder that on the night in question one teenage girl's mother was strictly against her attendance of a nearby dance. After all, she'd heard many rumors of what goes on at parties like that.

But, fuelled by teenage rebellion, the girl sneaked out of the house and attended the party anyway.

That's where she first laid eyes on the handscme stranger, with his strong facial features and slicked-back black hair. Everyone seemed bowled over by the man's good looks and even the girl, normally shy by nature, was unable to say no when he asked her to dance.

Everyone's eyes were on the young couple as they danced around the room with unrelenting energy.

And then the young girl looked to the ground and laid eyes upon the stranger's feet and cried out in horror. "Your feet!" she screamed, unable to remove her gaze from the cloven hooves that stood beside her own feet.

She pulled herself from the stranger's grasp and stepped away from him, her mouth still wide open in horror. Every pair of eyes in the room were fixed on the stranger's hooves and suddenly screams echoed through the hall.

The stranger turned and burst into a run, marching directly towards a solid wall. Instead of colliding, he simply slipped through the wall as if it wasn't even there and as quickly as he had appeared, he had vanished.

TThe stranger was never seen again. Whether he was a demon from the depths of hell or Lucifer himself, no one will ever know.