Season One

After an intense argument, a wife makes a sudden transformation... Into a cat! A cat who her husband will protect... At all costs.

date_range Jun 17th, 1936
schedule 31 minutes
Arch Oboler thinks up a new monster for the latest episode of Lights Out... But he'd better stop thinking about it if he wants to live through the night...

date_range Sep 9th, 1936
schedule 23 minutes
She's always said that one of her twins is good while the other is pure evil. Then both her sons go to sea, and only one returns after a terrible accident. But she's always said he's evil... What is he hiding?

date_range Sep 16th, 1936
schedule 22 minutes
With the help of a serum that gives him super-speed, a man becomes a master criminal. When he teams up with a private detective, his ambitions become greater, and that could be his downfall.

date_range Oct 14th, 1936
schedule 22 minutes
A woman discovers the secret to everlasting youth, but for the man who steals her secret, it could have disastrous consequences...

date_range Dec 9th, 1936
schedule 28 minutes
A group of girls discover that the ground they've been walking on is an old cemetery. And now it might be too late--for when you dance on a grave, a poltergeist is summoned...

date_range Dec 16th, 1936
schedule 26 minutes
The commander of an island prison enjoys the power and benefits that come with his position. But he's soon to be replaced. Something has to be done about his replacement...

date_range Mar 3rd, 1937
schedule 30 minutes
In an experiment gone wrong, a disembodied but living chicken heart begins to grow. And grow, and grow... Soon, the creature threatens to destroy everything.

date_range Mar 10th, 1937
schedule 8 minutes
A hangman grows fond of his profession, and when a man is accused of murder, he will go to great length to ensure he is sent to the gallows.

date_range Mar 17th, 1937
schedule 22 minutes
When his wife leaves him for another man, an explorer uses techniques he learned in South America to take revenge.

date_range Apr 14th, 1937
schedule 31 minutes
In this classic haunted house story, a family decide to spend summer at an old house where they'll soon learn something terrible occurred.

date_range May 12th, 1937
schedule 30 minutes
A falsely imprisoned man makes it his mission to break out and punish the man who really killed his wife. But as he'll find out, breaking out of prison might be the easy part...

date_range May 26th, 1937
schedule 28 minutes
A couple enjoy a beautiful meteor shower until something unusual falls to Earth. Something... Alive.

date_range Jun 16th, 1937
schedule 23 minutes
A woman heads home from the doctor's with big news, but she's worried about how her husband will react...

date_range Jun 23rd, 1937
schedule 25 minutes
An extramarital affair comes to a dramatic conclusion with a strange boating accident.

date_range Jul 14th, 1937
schedule 29 minutes
Two women are in for a shock when they visit a distant relative and meet her unusual pet.

date_range Nov 17th, 1937
schedule 29 minutes
Following the end of the First World War, three men have a strange experience in this bizarre retelling of the Nativity.

date_range Dec 22nd, 1937
schedule 30 minutes
Two police officers on a standard callout encounter a sinister darkness that can turn a man inside out.

date_range Dec 29th, 1937
schedule 7 minutes
An old man has a sinister way of making a living, but when the sister of one of his victims confronts him, his own life could be at risk.

date_range Feb 16th, 1938
schedule 26 minutes
In a movie theatre lives a creature so realistic it's like it's coming right off the screen...

date_range Mar 16th, 1938
schedule 27 minutes
He's never had a dream before in his life. But as he experiences his first, things start to get strange, and it's only a matter of time before tragedy strikes...

date_range Mar 23rd, 1938
schedule 30 minutes
When their boat washes away without them, two women are left stranded in an unfamiliar place. Soon they'll meet a man who lives there--and who won't allow himself to be seen in the light.

date_range Mar 30th, 1938
schedule 29 minutes
A young American grows tired of her tour guide and wanders off by herself in a strange city. But something sinister lurks in the sewers of Paris...

date_range May 11th, 1938
schedule 29 minutes
Two explorers are trapped in the jungle, when they come across a creature that they believe will make them a fortune if they can capture it.

date_range Jun 8th, 1938
schedule 22 minutes
A man approaches a pair of criminals with a proposition of joining their gang... And he seems to know an awful lot about them already.

date_range Apr 26th, 1939
schedule 29 minutes

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