Macabre was a product of the Far East Network of the Armed Forced Radio and Television Service and ran for nine episodes from 1961 to 1962, eight of which survive. It was created by William Verdier and largely staffed with fellow FEN personnel.

The show is presented here in a slightly modernised format with new cover art and new descriptions, designed as a jumping on point for new listeners who aren't well-versed with old time radio.

All episodes can be streamed right here on the Daffadillies website, or you can find the show on Apple Podcasts. There's also an RSS feed that you can add to your podcast player of choice, but due to the age of the show, it might not work in all apps as some don't like old airdates.

If you'd like to learn more about Macabre and other radio shows, there's lots of information already available on the internet. I can recommend Digital Deli Too in particular as a great source of information on old time radio shows.

So, turn off your lights, have a listen, and enjoy!