Season One

When two lovers delay their honeymoon following the announcement of an escaped madman, they soon find themselves offered the chance to make $500 by a mysterious circus performer.

date_range Nov 13th, 1961
schedule 27 minutes
An unconventional scientist poisons his party guests in an attempt to stimulate their imagination and bring it to life. But which of the guests has succumbed to the powerful stimulant?

date_range Nov 20th, 1961
schedule 27 minutes
After coming close to death in a car accident, a man makes a deal with a strange being. But what will happen when seven days are over?

date_range Nov 27th, 1961
schedule 27 minutes
A ten-year wager comes to deadly end as a series of murders occur.

date_range Dec 4th, 1961
schedule 26 minutes
An eerie old painting and an unusual ritual lead to a fatal disaster.

date_range Dec 11th, 1961
schedule 27 minutes
Twelve full moons since he entered the sacred temple of an African tribe, a man finds that they are out for revenge and his life is in danger.

date_range Dec 18th, 1961
schedule 27 minutes
A strange man made of crystal is discovered on an expedition. Was this creature ever alive? As a series of murders occurs around the man, a researcher begins to suspect that it's alive still.

date_range Jan 1st, 1962
schedule 27 minutes
A man pays a visit to his ex-wife after she begins to grow paranoid about supposedly supernatural events happening in her house. He doesn't believe her stories, of course... Not yet...

date_range Jan 8th, 1962
schedule 29 minutes

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