Quietly Yours returns for a new run of episodes with an atmospheric adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven."

date_range Dec 30th, 2019
schedule 14 minutes
A politician has a ghostly experience on Christmas Eve and comes to a startling realisation. It's a Christmas that will stick with him for the rest of his life. Quietly Yours presents an adaptation of Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol."

date_range Dec 31st, 2019
schedule 21 minutes
At a quiet antarctic research station on Christmas Day, strange readings indicate that something strange might be happening under the ice sheet.

date_range Mar 13th, 2020
schedule 14 minutes
To celebrate the anniversary of a popular old radio show, a reunion show is put together. But one of them might have different motives…

date_range Mar 20th, 2020
schedule 19 minutes
A house filled with gruesome creatures. An old town where the sun never sets. What are these places, and what connects them?

date_range Apr 27th, 2020
schedule 32 minutes
All the doors are locked. There's no way out. The rooms seem to move, the hallways shift. What's going on in this house?

date_range Apr 29th, 2020
schedule 32 minutes
As fragments of memory return to him, he tries to piece together the puzzle. Who is the woman with the bandaged head?

date_range May 1st, 2020
schedule 27 minutes
As everything falls into place, there are a few mysteries yet to understand.

date_range Jul 3rd, 2020
schedule 23 minutes
Where did the Shadow Man come from? Can he ever be defeated?

date_range Jul 10th, 2020
schedule 27 minutes
A man climbs into Chris’s cab in a hurry—he’s only got thirty minutes to live. What happened to this man and will he get where he’s going in time?

date_range Aug 28th, 2020
schedule 28 minutes
Alex visits his hometown for his grandmother's funeral. But he knows the day of the funeral—a rare blue moon on Halloween—is not a mistake. His friends plead for his help. He knows the stories they believe in, and he knows the ancient ritual they want him to join. But none of it's really true. Is it?

date_range Oct 31st, 2020
schedule 45 minutes
Pete drags his friend to a party in the hope of seeing a girl he met a few nights previously. But there's something strange about the hosts, and when he bumps into Vanessa, she insists that he leave... What exactly are they celebrating, anyway?

date_range Nov 30th, 2020
schedule 15 minutes
Two old friends run into each other in the German Alps on Christmas Eve, and painful memories soon begin to surface.

date_range Dec 24th, 2020
schedule 38 minutes
Christmas is always a big time of year for Ezekiel Zook, a time full of joy and wonder and... Murder?

date_range Dec 25th, 2020
schedule 16 minutes
A pair of thieves set to work stealing rail cable from a disused line, only for a train to appear then disappear into thin air. What happened on these tracks?

date_range Feb 5th, 2021
schedule 14 minutes
After a storm sinks their ship, three sailors are left stranded in the wilderness. If they want to survive, they'll have to rely on each other... But can they really trust each other?

date_range Mar 12th, 2021
schedule 31 minutes
Employees of a department store spot a woman in the store after hours, but when they try to speak to her, she seems to vanish. And there's some strange things showing up on the CCTV footage...

date_range Mar 29th, 2021
schedule 16 minutes
An electrifying tale of deception as a secretary to a government official develops a shocking supernatural ability.

date_range Apr 1st, 2021
schedule 16 minutes
Lockdown has been tough for everyone, but for Alison it's like her life has frozen still.

date_range Oct 1st, 2021
schedule 32 minutes
Technology keeps two young lovers in touch during the pandemic, but can anything narrow the cavernous gap between them?

date_range Oct 31st, 2021
schedule 25 minutes

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