Season 3, Episode 6

An electrifying tale of deception as a secretary to a government official develops a shocking supernatural ability.

date_range Apr 1st, 2021

schedule 16 minutes

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Kris Keilman

schedule 3 weeks ago

I have a very strong feeling that, as the episode date is April 1 (April Fool's Day, yes?) and that the somewhat discernible common thread of the clips (some depicting a partial day in the life of a podcast "person of all trades" becoming vexed by her lazy, cheapskate landlord landlord - one a LOT like mine!) ah, yes, common thread in almost every case seems to be ELECTRICITY. Now, as to what this is leading to, or has lead to, I don't think I'm sharp enough to say. With the "Daffadillies Gang," however, something clever should become abundantly clear, sooner or later. I only hope I get to hear the latter half of "Lies Per Minute," eventually (preferably sooner!) I think I will seriously look into becoming a patron (for my first time) of Quietly Yours, since I can't stand the idea of missing any of your output.
By the way, episode 2 - Dead End - is, of all your wonderful work, the tale (and the performances) that I found MOST suspenseful and also uniquely capable of ripping my heart out of my chest each time I re-visit it. Ummm, great work (I guess.) ha!
good wishes to you all, kris k.

Brett Barnett STAFF

schedule 2 weeks ago

Thank you! I saw your kind comments on YouTube, too. You're more than welcome to join us on Patreon but don't feel like you have to, your amazing support is appreciated either way!

Dead End is one of my favourite episodes too, we chose to use that one again here mostly because it's just really fun to listen in on those two characters, I kinda wish we could do a sequel with them haha 😄

Abigail Fitches

schedule 3 weeks ago

Hey, just an FYI, this episode cuts off about half way through and then starts playing episode two instead.

Brett Barnett STAFF

schedule 2 weeks ago

Ooh, does it? That's strange... 🤔 Maybe you should keep listening, see if the bug, uh, resolves itself. Wink wink, nudge nudge 😄


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