Florence is still struggling to come to terms with Alex’s death, but her life isn’t becoming any less complicated as the revelation that she and Maud have a sister continues to send ripples through the sisters’ lives.

date_range Sep 30th, 2015
schedule 12 minutes
Florence and Maud throw an emergency barbecue, and as Maud’s relationship with Tom crosses a milestone, trouble is only around the corner as Maud makes a shocking and disappointing discovery.

date_range Oct 7th, 2015
schedule 11 minutes
In the aftermath of Alex’s murder, Florence takes precautionary steps to preserve her mental health. But her life is about to get even more complicated as Maud’s search for their sister delivers results.

date_range Oct 14th, 2015
schedule 17 minutes
Maud finds herself caught in a dilemma and struggles to hold her relationship together. Tom remains committed to Maud—but he has an important decision to make..

date_range Oct 21st, 2015
schedule 10 minutes
Florence is frustrated with the lack of progress on the investigation into Alex’s murder and decides to take matters into her own hands. With George’s help, she confronts Billy to discover what he knows.

date_range Nov 11th, 2015
schedule 9 minutes
Tess has been experiencing a sense of loneliness and isolation and her problems only worsen when Jemima announces her intention to move to Mykonos. Tess struggles to come to terms with the news.

date_range Nov 18th, 2015
schedule 13 minutes
The investigation into Alex’s death sees an arrest take place. With George on vacation and Maud nowhere to be seen, Florence is left worried when she is paid a visit by a surprising face.

date_range Nov 25th, 2015
schedule 9 minutes
Five years of secrets and mysteries are unearthed as the truth is revealed and Billy’s dark web of lies finally closes in on Florence.

date_range Dec 2nd, 2015
schedule 15 minutes

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