It’s been six months since the wedding and Florence’s life has taken a dark turn as she drives away those closest to her and turns to alcohol to numb the pain.

date_range Nov 7th, 2012
schedule 11 minutes
George calls in for a visit and is rendered quizzical at the state he finds Florence in. Alex, meanwhile, asks Maud to move in and help look after Florence, but Maud is hesitant. After a talk with George, she comes to a difficult decision.

date_range Nov 14th, 2012
schedule 8 minutes
Tess learns that Jemima has been earning money conducting séances, and insists that they hold one. It doesn’t seem to produce results—until Jemima is suddenly possessed by the spirit of William Shakespeare.

date_range Nov 21st, 2012
schedule 11 minutes
Alex and Maud plan a girly night in to distract Florence. All goes according to plan until Florence slips an unknown substance into their tea and the three of them begin to suffer horrifying and hilarious hallucinations.

date_range Nov 28th, 2012
schedule 13 minutes
Maud has left and Alex is the only one left in Florence’s life. But Florence is uncommunicative and unappreciative and Alex just can’t take it anymore. She faces a harsh truth when she realizes that she may have to let Florence go for good.

date_range Dec 5th, 2012
schedule 12 minutes
Over four years, Tess moves into a new apartment, gets a new phone and a new job and visits a sad and lonely Florence who desperately needs a friend, but has too much pride to ask for one.

date_range Dec 12th, 2012
schedule 12 minutes
As Christmas approaches, the residents of Spittlegum reflect back on happier times. Florence, meanwhile, is ready to spend the holidays alone—but there’s a big surprise in store for her.

date_range Dec 19th, 2012
schedule 10 minutes
Florence is unsure how to feel after learning that Fred has awoken from his coma. As the truth begins to dawn on her, she realizes that there may still be a happy ending ahead of her.

date_range Dec 26th, 2012
schedule 10 minutes

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