A teenage girl with raging hormones was an avid masturbator, but rarely got much time to herself to experiment with her favorite hobby. One day, when her mother told her that she'd had a particularly stressful day at work and was going to take a long bubble bath, the girl saw an opportunity.

She began masturbating with the aid of various household items, eventually finding satisfaction in the handle of a broom.

Unable to find a comfortable position to allow this, the girl climbed up onto the tall kitchen table and sat on it, now able to continue comfortably.

Having decided to cut her bath short, the girl's mother leaves the bathroom, puts on her robe and heads downstairs for a drink.

Surprised by the kitchen door flying open to reveal her horrified mother, the girl absent-mindedly jumps down from the table, the broom handle still penetrating her.

As she hit the ground, the handle was forced upwards, bursting through the girl's cervix and impaling her. Her injuries were so severe that she later died in hospital.