A woman had finally had her dream wedding, taking place in the back yard of the large farmhouse where she grew up.

Afterwards, the wedding guests played party games, and somebody suggested hide and seek. The game began and, competitive as ever, the bride slipped inside the house; she knew the perfect hiding place.

The other guests looked for her, but after several hours, the search was unsuccessful and the bride's family began to get worried. By the end of the night, the bride was still nowhere to be found and her new husband called the police.

A missing person report was filed and the police began a search for the young woman, but nothing was found as the days passed.

Eventually, days became weeks and weeks became years and the groom came to terms with the fact that his wife was gone.

One day, several years later, the bride's father was having a clearout of the old farmhouse.

He ventured up to the attic and began sorting through his belongings. There he found a large old chest, the lock of which had rusted over and become stuck. Wanting to clearout any junk that might be lying unused inside, he grabbed his toolbox and began to saw away at the lock.

It finally came off and the father opened the chest to reveal the decaying corpse of his long-dead daughter.

Having remember the chest from her childhood, the bride had slipped inside, confident that no one would find her and she would win the game of hide and seek.

The lid had falled closed, knocking the bride unconscious, and knocking the lock into place.

She soon suffocated inside the chest.