Guy Winters decided to conduct a ghost hunt in the O'Hare mansion in Greencastle, Indiana, when a friend relayed to him a story of his own ghostly encounter in the building. Intrigued, Winters sought out permission from the owner and, armed with cameras, he and a friend began their exploration of the abandoned property.

While his friend was photographing the inside of the mansion, Winters was photographing the doors and windows outside. Although he recalls seeing nothing unusual at the time, Winters found something very interesting when he developed the images.

On three consequetive frames, a large, human-like and apparently glowing figure is visible standing in the window of one of the upstairs rooms, its position changing between each frame.

After analysis by photographic experts, it was reported that this ghostly image was present on the negative and that it was not caused by a fault of the camera. The photo was never disproven and to this day, the truth about the figure—now known as the Pink Lady of Greencastle—remains unknown.