While returning home one night, legend has it, a young couple's car ran out of gas.

The boyfriend happily agreed to venture out in search of a gas station, and told the girl that it could take him a while. So the boy left and his girlfriend waited patiently in the car.

An hour passed and the girl fell asleep while waiting. When she woke up, she peered out of the windows, but the boy was nowhere to be seen.

Before she had fallen asleep, it had been perfectly quiet, but now there was a strange noise coming from somewhere and the girl was beginning to get a little scared.

It was a menacing creak, like someone scratching against the metal of the car, and it sounded as if it was coming from above.

Remembering her surroundings, the girl eased. It was just a branch from the tree above the car, scraping against the roof.

Assuming that it could still be a while until her boyfriend returned, she curled back up and tried to fall back asleep.

What seemed like moments later, she was awoken by a tapping on the window and found that it was daylight. She turned to see the face of the local sheriff staring at her through the window.

He asked her to get out of the car and she obeyed, then he quickly put his arm around her and led her away from the car.

He explained to her as they walked away that there had been an incident that they needed to discuss with her, and warned her not to turn around.

A slave to her curiousity, the girl peered back at the car and let out a gasp.

Hanging by his feet from the tree above the car was her boyfriend, covered in blood from a slit throat, his fingernails slowly scraping against the roof of the car as his body swayed in the breeze.