An unnerving encounter with a ghostly child in Lancashire, England, is told to Rebecca Kidger in her book, Hauntings: True Life Sightings and Experiences of Ghosts.

Kidger tells us of a couple in Bolton with a child suffering from recurrent nightmares. One night, the child crawls into bed with his parents, and so his father relocates to his son’s room to give them more space.

Rolling over in his son’s bed, the dad found himself looking at a child with his t-shirt pulled up over his head, hiding his face, like a footballer celebrating a goal.

The man asked his son what he was doing out of bed, but he got no reply. Getting out of the bed to see what was wrong, the child began to move backwards, away from the man.

He glanced at the child’s feet to see that he wasn’t walking backwards—his feet weren’t touching the floor. Instead, he was floating away towards the bedroom wall, through which he then disappeared.

The man now realised that he hadn’t been looking at his son, but at a ghostly apparition, a presence that has since been felt elsewhere in the house.

What could this dad from Lancashire have seen? A real ghost? A strange demon? Or perhaps it was all a creepy hoax, an untrue story? Let us know what you think in the comments below.