Stanley Palace was built in 1591 and initially belonged to MP and lawyer Sir Peter Warburton. Upon his death in 1621, the house passed to his daughter Elizabeth, whose husband, Sir Thomas Stanley, gave the house its name.

The house was eventually converted to apartments in the early 19th century, and became a boys school in the 1870s. Eventually, ownership found its way to Chester City Council in 1928, who remains the owner today.

The building is now said to have an incredibly changeable atmosphere, with constant temperature changes which has been put down to supernatural causes. Multiple people have reported seeing spirits in the house, convincing many people that Stanley Palace is indeed haunted.

The spirit of Elizabeth, the previous owner who inherited the house from her father, has been seen wandering the halls, as has the ghost of a man dressed flamboyantly in a gold and white outfit. He is said to appear for just a few seconds before mysteriously vanishing into thin air.

Another ghost is the spirit of a lady known as Edie, who has even been caught on camera, sitting at a piano. During that same video, a chair was reportedly caught moving across the room of its own accord.

Perhaps the most unnerving spectre spotted at Stanley Palace is the spirit of a little girl that has been spotted lying on the stairs as though she had fallen down them. This has led people to speculate that perhaps this is the ghost of a girl who died on those very stairs.

One witness who saw this ghost reported seeing a blue light emerge from the little girl's body and float up towards the ceiling before both the light and the girl vanished.

It would seem that this is not the only child who haunts Stanley Palace as a caretaker has reported hearing the sound of children laughing and playing when the building was empty.

That's not the only disembodied sound heard inside Stanley Palace, as people have also reported hearing the voice of a lady singing.

The house is also said to often be filled with an unexplained mist as well as strange, unexplained lights.

Stanley Palace hit the news in 2014 when paranormal investigators conducted an investigation in the property and claim to have caught some of the spirits on camera.

Sefton Paranormal Investigators discovered the apparitions while looking back over footage recorded during their investigation.

In the clip, investigators Joanne May and Aaron Robinette are seen sitting in front of the staircase, while shapes appear on the stairs behind them.

According to Pamela Robinette, a co-founder of Sefton Paranormal, the apparitions appear to be children, and their hair and facial features can be made out quite clearly in the footage.

Interpretations of this blurry video may differ, however.

Another paranormal investigation in 2016 claimed to have witnessed significant supernatural phenomena.

Equipment recorded a rapid drop in temperature from 20.5 degrees to 16.8 degrees, and investigators witnessed furniture rocking from side to side and a disembodied voice apparently shushing the visitors.

Attempts were also made to contact spirits with a ouija board which reportedly revealed the presence of a 49-year-old man.

Another ritual in which a blindfolded person acts as a conduit for the spirits revealed the ghost of a 79-year-old man who was born in 1632 and worked in law enforcement.

However, the only evidence of any paranormal phenomena from that night that isn't witness testimony comes in the form of a couple of photographs which supposedly captured spirits.

In the first, a pair of hooded figures appear on the staircase. In the second, a strange, almost demonic face appears in a mirror, floating just above the face of one of the investigators.

Both photos are quite blurry, however, and hardly constitute definitive proof, which means the mystery of Stanley Palace and it's numerous ghostly events will remain just that—a mystery.