We're excited to tell you that Quietly Yours is now on Patreon!

Patreon is a site created to allow content creators to move towards making a living from their work by allowing their audience to subscribe to them for a monthly fee.

Does that mean you're now going to have to pay to listen to Quietly Yours? No! Absolutely not. The show is still free and always will be.

But if you're enjoying the show, have some money to spare, and want to show you're appreciation, the new Patreon page will allow you to do so.

There are five levels available: $1, $3, $5, $10, and $20, and each comes with some amazing bonuses not available outside of Patreon. You may have heard one of them on the show recently: Our on-air obituaries.

Every single patron receives one of these obituaries read out on air, but there's also some behind the scenes content, a patron-only discord server, a free download of our theme song up for grabs, and even exclusive physical merchandise, depending on which perk level you choose.

If you can't spare the money to help out, that's fine. We know everyone's got their own thing going on and we don't want you to sign up if you need the money. But if you can spare a few dollars a month, we look forward to sharing our bonus goodies with you soon!

You can find the patreon right here.