Quiet Please is an old radio show that originally aired from 1947 to 1949. Each episode of the show told a new, self-contained horror story from writer Wyllis Cooper.

Like most old time radio shows, Quiet Please is freely available online, allowing people to continue to enjoy this treasure trove of stories, even all these years later.

Often, though, the world of OTR can be tough to navigate for a first-time listener. Some shows have limited information about their original airings, some collections are confusingly titled with incorrect dates, and there are some peculiarities for modern audiences, such as the unfamiliar way that reruns functioned prior to the 1960s.

This website is an attempt to simplify all of this and provide an easy jumping-on point for new listeners.

In order to do that, we've organised the show by season, with new episode numbering. We've eliminated reruns (holding on to the ones with superior quality) and we've provided correct airdates for everything.

Episodes can be downloaded here on the site, or our RSS feed can be added to your podcast app of choice. But be aware, some podcast apps don't handle old dates very well, and so the feed may not work correctly in all apps.

Additonal features here on the website include the ability to like episodes and comment with your thoughts. You'll also see a warning if the audio quality is poor.

One unfortunate aspect of old radio shows is that they can often feature offensive depictions of some groups. This doesn't necessarily mean we should stop enjoying them, but it's important to keep the context in mind and for people who want to avoid them to be able to do so.

As such, where applicable, this website will feature content warnings to ensure you know what to expect from episodes with problematic aspects.

So, dive in and enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below and we'll get back to you if we're able to help.