Season One

An empty house might be the perfect place to hide the money following a bank robbery, and three criminals are assured that there is nothing behind the door...

date_range Jun 8th, 1947
schedule 29 minutes
A story from two points of view as a man and a woman spend their lives searching for each other.

date_range Jun 15th, 1947
schedule 30 minutes
A story about humanity, from a totally different point of view...

date_range Jun 22nd, 1947
schedule 29 minutes
Three criminals plan their escape to New York, but a mysterious man keeps finding them... Who is the Ticket Taker?

date_range Jun 29th, 1947
schedule 29 minutes
A high school love triangle descends into a toxic marriage. But how to escape? After all, till death do us part...

date_range Jul 20th, 1947
schedule 30 minutes
A group of men enlist a scientist to create a time machine, and he soon discovers first hand the effects of seeing a future you know you can't change...

date_range Jul 27th, 1947
schedule 29 minutes
In front of an audience, a man must explain some unexplained details of his sister's death.

date_range Aug 3rd, 1947
schedule 29 minutes
A writer struggling to find a new idea finds that his troubles might be over when his typewriter begins to think for itself.

date_range Aug 10th, 1947
schedule 29 minutes
With an interactive twist, an old friend remembers the fun time he and you have had together, about the girl you both loved, about the way she died... But there's one thing he hasn't yet revealed...

date_range Sep 10th, 1947
schedule 31 minutes
After succeeding in creating a time machine, a man travels back fifty years. But is he truly prepared for the consequences of time travel?

date_range Oct 6th, 1947
schedule 28 minutes
He's guilty of murder, but he can't quite escape the man he killed...

date_range Oct 13th, 1947
schedule 24 minutes
In the 17th century, a mortal man marries a witch who gifts him eternal life. Unfortunately, they can only be together once a year on Halloween, and as the centuries pass, he grows tired and lonely and something has to change...

date_range Oct 27th, 1947
schedule 25 minutes
A taxi driver finds himself accused when four people die in or around his taxi. The only common factor? They all ask him to "take me out to the graveyard..."

date_range Nov 3rd, 1947
schedule 24 minutes
Some say they have a lucky number, but for one man, the number three seems to be like a specter, following him everywhere he goes. But what could it mean?

date_range Nov 10th, 1947
schedule 24 minutes
After selling his soul for a million dollars, a man finds himself trapped in a very unfortunate business deal.

date_range Nov 17th, 1947
schedule 24 minutes
A soldier returning from war remembers the love of his life, Bernadine, and the time they had together before they were torn apart by war.

date_range Nov 24th, 1947
schedule 24 minutes
Two people meet in the house where they previously committed a murder, and they can't shake the feeling that there's a third person in the room...

date_range Dec 1st, 1947
schedule 24 minutes
An explorer meets some unusual people and unwillingly discovers immortality.

date_range Dec 8th, 1947
schedule 25 minutes
A circus performer is given an ancient Egyptian artifact, one that will grant him three wishes. He decides he will use them to fix his love life. But, inevitably, things don't go exactly to plan...

date_range Dec 15th, 1947
schedule 24 minutes
A powerless writer tries to craft the perfect horror movie under the iron fist of his ruthless director. Soon, he finds his creation is may be more real than he believes.

date_range Dec 29th, 1947
schedule 25 minutes
After suffering from amnesia, all one man wants is his childhood memories back. When he is visited by a strange child, he's closer than he thinks.

date_range Jan 5th, 1948
schedule 25 minutes
The wall connects to the outside of the house, it's impossible for there to be a room behind it. But when he closes his eyes, he can hear it... He can hear the people in the room.

date_range Jan 12th, 1948
schedule 24 minutes
A murder trial is taking place, but there seems to be thirteen people on the jury. And the case seems far too familiar to Juror #13...

date_range Jan 19th, 1948
schedule 24 minutes
A man tells the story of how he lost his leg while working the railroads, and of the railway crash he witnessed... Or did he?

date_range Jan 26th, 1948
schedule 24 minutes

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