Everyone's been jealous of their siblings at some point. It's harmless enough. But sometimes jealousy can be overpowering. Sometimes, it can drive a person just a little too far...

date_range Apr 13th, 2018
schedule 18 minutes
Two girls get lost down an empty country road in the middle of nowhere, and things go from bad to worse when they realise they're being followed...

date_range Apr 13th, 2018
schedule 21 minutes
Josie Corrigan is the most hated woman in Britain. In her first interview from behind bars, she tells her side of the story.

date_range Apr 20th, 2018
schedule 18 minutes
Jack shares excerpts from his girlfriend’s diary in an attempt to understand the strange events that she experienced…

date_range Jun 15th, 2018
schedule 20 minutes
A teenage girls begins to suspect that her entire life has been a lie and the only person she can trust is the one behind it all.

date_range Jun 22nd, 2018
schedule 20 minutes
They say that memories can live in the heart. That sometimes a transplant can move thoughts and feelings from one body to another. He doesn't believe it, even after his surgery. But the dreams...

date_range Aug 31st, 2018
schedule 44 minutes
The kids tell stories about their new house. About the woman who used to live there. About what she did. About how she died. But the stories, the ones about how their home is haunted... They can't be true, can they?

date_range Oct 12th, 2018
schedule 26 minutes
Grief cuts deep. Guilt cuts deeper. Emma and Christine have been separated forever... But who's to blame?

date_range Oct 26th, 2018
schedule 23 minutes
It can be tough losing a loved one. It turns out it's no walk in the park when they come back, either...

date_range Nov 9th, 2018
schedule 17 minutes
As a storm descends on the trenches, a soldier finds himself lost among the snow in the middle of No Man's Land. But soon he'll find that there's something in the storm with him...

date_range Dec 25th, 2018
schedule 23 minutes
The owner of a small, independent clothing store is confident that he'll never be caught for his crime. But he can't shake the feeling that he's being watched...

date_range Mar 22nd, 2019
schedule 24 minutes
He thinks they’re just prank calls. But whoever is on the line is trying to get inside…

date_range Apr 19th, 2019
schedule 21 minutes
After her phone and her car both die on her, Lisa is forced to take refuge in a nearby town. But the town has some unusual residents…

date_range Jul 5th, 2019
schedule 25 minutes
Paul tells the story of how she and her brother came to live in a prison converted by the military into a home for civilians—somewhere that they are safely away from the ghouls who roam outside, looking for prey.

date_range Jul 31st, 2019
schedule 25 minutes
When their train stops in the middle of a tunnel on the London Underground, Lorna and Jenny search for the driver to ask him what's going on. Only... There isn't one. They're completely alone on the train. It's like a real life nightmare and it couldn't get worse—then the lights go out.

date_range Aug 30th, 2019
schedule 16 minutes
Today we kick off a week of special episodes. In this episode, our campers hear the story of The Black Dog, and the bad luck that it can bring.

date_range Sep 17th, 2019
schedule 16 minutes
Tonight, our campers hear the story of a couple on vacation in an airbnb with a suspicious owner. When the woman goes missing, her boyfriend becomes determined to get to the bottom of it

date_range Sep 18th, 2019
schedule 13 minutes
In tonight's episode, our campers hear the story of a realtor and the bizarre events she witnesses in the house across the street. Is it just an old woman who's lost her mind? Or is there something supernatural going on?

date_range Sep 19th, 2019
schedule 17 minutes
Tonight, our campers hear the story of the shoemaker and his plan to expand his business by refurbishing the shoes of the recently deceased. What could go wrong

date_range Sep 20th, 2019
schedule 14 minutes
In the final instalment of Campfire Tales, our campers hear the story of the Rickles family and the unusual events that took place in their house. Just what is a Ricklebaby, anyway?

date_range Sep 21st, 2019
schedule 16 minutes
A husband and wife scientist team embark on an expedition to an unexplored patch of forest with the secret hope of making a new discovery. But exactly what is it that they’ve found?

date_range Oct 4th, 2019
schedule 23 minutes

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