Times were tough in many places following World War II, and Germany was hit hard, suffering through a poor economy which left many hungry. Around this time, rumour has it, a young woman had a close call with her own fate...

The woman had seen a blind man making his way through the crowd and the two had struck up a conversation. It was then that he asked her for a favor: could she deliver a letter for him to the address on the envelope?

The woman took pity on the man, and the address wasn't far from where she was headed, so she gladly agreed.

As she was about to leave and head for the address, she turned to ask the man if there was anything else he needed--only to see him fleeing quickly through the crowd without his cane or glasses.

Immediately suspicious, the woman took the letter to the police, who paid a visit to the house at the address on the envelope, where they found large amounts of human flesh being prepared for sale.

The letter inside the envelope said only one thing: "This is the last one I am sending you today."