Urban legend tells of a teenage girl who was watching television one night when she had been left alone in the house. It was getting late and she'd just turned the television off when a movement outside caught her eye and she turned to the big glass doors.

Staring out through the glass, she could make out clearly what the shape was: a man. And he was walking right towards the house where she was staying alone. As he grew closer, he reached into his pocket and pulled out an item which glistened in the moonlight—a knife, or some kind of blade.

The teenager panicked and, paralysed by fear, she pulled the blanket up around her face and hid under it. She pulled out her phone and called the police. Then, after a few minutes, she mustered up enough courage to lower the blanket and take a look at the glass doors.

The man was gone. The girl felt relieved, but remained concerned and on edge until the police arrived. When they finally showed up, the girl showed them to the back of the house where she had seen the man.

It had been snowing heavily that night, and the police were confident that they would be able to find foot prints, but upon inspection, they found nothing. Confused, they continued searching for clues.

"You're very lucky," said one of the police officers to the girl when they finally found what they were looking for. "There were wet footprints all over the carpet, leading right up to your chair. The man was never outside the house—he was right behind you. What you saw was his reflection in the glass."